21 September 2010

A tiger mosquito on my finger

This past summer we spent relatively little time in our backyard even during daytime. The reason was the over abundance and the incessant attacks of the Asian tiger mosquitos (Aedes albopictus). This particular individual survived a slap from my hand and regained enough of its posture to perch on the tip of my finger, but it was not "conscious" enough to attempt to feed on my blood.

The Asian tiger mosquitos were introduced to the U.S. from Asia several decades ago; their 1st record in Maryland dates from 1987. They tend to lay their eggs into small receptacles of water, natural or artificial. Discarded tires filled with rain water is a habitat they often use for breeding; which also appear to have been their primary means of passive dispersal throughout the world.

During the past few weeks we have had some respite from them, perhaps thanks to the lack of frequent rains.

Maybe I spoke too soon. One was flying around my face here in the living room a few minutes ago.

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