25 October 2010

Cepaea nemoralis in Montreal — Part 2

When I was in Montreal in August 2009, I found the European land snail Cepaea nemoralis along a railroad passing thru the city. The little survey I did eventually got published in the journal Check List.

At that time I had some anecdotal evidence that Cepaea nemoralis was also present elsewhere in the city. Since then, my sister and niece, who live in Montreal, have sent pictures of snails from the Westmount district of Montreal. Here is a picture of Cepaea nemoralis my sister found in her garden a few days ago.

I am now convinced that Cepaea nemoralis has established itself in Montreal.


Fred Schueler said...

If Montreal is similar to Ottawa (compare the municipal mottoes: "We may be flat, but we're ugly" and "Almost as unnecessary as Toronto"), there's likely places where Cepaea (of both species) are common, and wide areas where they're rare.

Our daughter (a Cepaeaphile from the cradle) lived for a year at one Ottawa apartment, and saw only one C. nemoralis in all that time: crawling across the front porch after a rain.

Kathie Hodge said...

Last time I visited Toronto, I found hoards of C. nemoralis in my father's front lawn. It seemed ironic since I had been keeping some at home in Ithaca (they are here, but not abundant), begging them to reproduce for a dire experiment I had in mind. A bit of a slap in the face to find multitudes of them overrunning my childhood home.