21 October 2010

Continuing fluidity

The previous post in this series brought attention to the unpredictable and unstable nature of the index of satisfaction (IS = optimism / happiness). The readings obtained yesterday continue to demonstrate the fluid character of this most perplexing indicator.

Just as it was starting to look like the IS was beginning to stabilize, a gradual drop followed by a brief recovery period and then another drop put everyone in a peculiar mood. Can't we ever get no satisfaction?

I will continue to monitor this crucial index and provide updates.

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vanessa cardui said...

This reminds me of a large quantity of UHaul boxes we ended up with after packing up my mom's house, hauling it to storage, consolidating storage, moving stuff to her new condo, taking stuff back to storage, looking for stuff in storage, emptying the storage, hauling stuff to my yard, having three yard sales, then watching the dregs of stuff get wet in the rain, along with the flattened boxes while waiting for the Salvation Army truck. Satisfying? I was very satisfied with the performance of those boxes.