06 October 2010

Frozen wine

On a warm day back in August, I put this bottle of Turning Leaf Chardonnay in the freezer of my refrigerator to cool it down rapidly. Then I forgot about it and probably ended up drinking something else. When I finally took it out a couple of days later, the wine was frozen. The expanding ice had pushed the cork almost all the way out, rupturing the foil around the mouth of the bottle in the process.

The mixture of water, ethanol and various other chemicals that make up wine freeze at a temperature lower than that of pure water, which is about 0°C. Several internet sources claim that wine doesn't freeze, but turns into slush—a mixture of ice and water. Well, there was solid ice in my wine bottle; slush ain't gonna push no cork out of no wine bottle.

After the wine thawed, we drank it. It was still good.


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vanessa cardui said...

I sometimes put a bottle of beer (and a wet glass) in the freezer for a super cold drink in summer. If I leave the beer in a little too long, it spews out of the opened bottle as slush. Once I forgot the bottle altogether and it broke in the freezer but the beer was not totally solid; quite the mess.