23 November 2010

A couple more big Megapallifera

My ongoing study of the population cycle of the slug Megapallifera mutabilis is still ongoing. The last post on this subject was here. I hadn't collected data since the beginning of August, because it had been difficult to fit slug collection trips into my schedule on days when the weather was suitable. But today's unseasonably warm weather and the light afternoon rain were a perfect combination. So after I came home from work, my wife and I went out to the local park at dusk to search for Megapallifera.

It was indeed a good night for slug hunting. Within about 30 minutes, we collected 14 Megapallifera from the trunks of beech trees. I brought them home and weighed them afterwards. They will be released tomorrow morning.

Here are the 2 biggest ones.

For those of you who must know, the distance from the tip of my finger to the middle of the visible joint is 5 cm.

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xoggoth said...

Pah! A real scientist uses a fag to illustrate slug size.


PS Fag in UK speak is a cigarette, not to be confused with US definition.