07 November 2010

An expired skink in my way

This dead lizard was on the path where I was taking my after lunch walk one day last week in College Park, Maryland. It was stiff and dry, surrounded by crusts of red stuff, probably its blood. It had been dead for many hours. This was a path frequented by bikes and one of them had apparently done it in.

If I am not mistaken, it is a five-lined skink (Eumeces fasciatus). Let my shoe be the scale.

The previous entry in this series of hiking path casualties was a northern brown snake.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could also tell us the length of your shoe, or better yet, the length from the edge of where the toe cap meets the black sole to where the heel cap meets the sole.

Susan J. Hewitt


I have projected the skink's length on the picture of the shoe & then measured the actual shoe to estimate the length of the skink as approximately 14 cm. Peterson Field Guides to Reptiles & Amphibians gives the length range of this sp. as 12.5-21.5 cm.

Fred Schueler said...

One thinks of bike paths as so much safer for Animals than roads, that it's always a shock to see a bike-path casualty. We found a bike-killed Smooth Green Snake on a path near Guelph, Ontario in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the measurements Aydin. I know that your feet are probably not huge, as you are not very tall, but people's feet (and shoes) vary so much in length (mine are quite small) that it was hard for me to visualize how big the skink actually was.

So thanks again,

Susan J. Hewitt