28 November 2010

Pomatiopsis lapidaria on a cold and windy day

Pomatiopsis lapidaria is a small, operculated, semi-terrestrial snail. It has been recorded from several locations along the Potomac River near Washington D.C. Last year in December, I found it at Fletcher's Cove where the previous record had been by William B. DeWitt published in 1952 (see this post).

Yesterday we went on a field trip to look for Pomatiopsis lapidaria in Oxon Cove Park near the southwest corner of D.C., which was another one of DeWitt's locations. Although it was a cold and windy day, we had a productive field trip; we did find live Pomatiopsis lapidaria at the shore of Oxon Cove.

Because we didn't have a collection permit, we took only pictures of the snails.

We have no way of knowing if the snails we found were the direct descendants of the colony DeWitt had found in 1952. Nevertheless, our findings show that when a suitable habitat continuously exists at a location, Pomatiopsis lapidaria is likely to be found at the location.

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