19 January 2011

Archaeo+Malacology Group Newsletter No. 18

The AMG Newsletter No. 18 is available here.

An interesting article in this issue is about unidentified objects from the Middle East that were made by apparently pouring molten lead or other metals into empty bivalve shells. Henk Mienis writes that because of their considerably variable weights, these objects could not have been used as standard weights. And the lack of holes thru them rule out their use as sinkers. The mystery remains.

There are also 2 articles on the land snail Papillifera papillaris, which has become quite a popular subject for the newsletter. In one of them, the editor Janet Ridout-Sharpe writes about the 2nd record of that species in England.

Issue No. 17 had featured an illustrated article by me and Mienis that was the 1st ever for the newsletter. However, the lack of illustrations in the present number shows that the practice hasn't caught on yet. Maybe slowly?

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