14 January 2011

I have Lindholmiola lens in my mind

Lindholmiola lens is a common and often abundant land snail species in western Turkey. I have a large number of shells of it in my collection collected during the last 12 years.

The shapes, especially the spire heights, of the shells of Lindholmiola lens are quite variable.

These 2 specimens were from the same locality. The one on the left has an elevated spire, while the one on the right has a flat top with almost no spire.

I have been wanting to study the variability of shell characteristics of Lindholmiola lens. Once I decide what to measure on each specimen, and once I have plenty of free time in my hands, I will commence the project.


Fred Schueler said...

You'd think the height of the spire would be a pretty fundamental aspect of a snail's construction.

Sara Rall said...

Saw this and thought you might find it intersting:
Snail Mail