03 January 2011

A long hike a long time ago

One fine spring day in 1992, I and a friend named Jerry took the subway to the Cleveland Park Station in Washington, DC. There we entered Rock Creek Park, which extends from near the Potomac River further south all the way north to Rockville in Maryland. Jerry and I got on a trail and started walking. We walked and walked and several hours later reached our destination, Jerry's apartment in Twinbrook, Maryland.

Unfortunately, no pictures were taken. All I did was jot down on a small piece of paper when we started, when we reached certain landmarks and when we finished our walk. That piece of paper had been lost until last night when it fell out of a notebook I was looking thru. So, I got on Google Earth and estimated the distance we had walked that day.

We started the walk at 1:20 in the afternoon and ended it at 7:00. The total distance was 21.1 km (13.2 miles). The actual distance we walked was undoubtedly longer, for I estimated the distances as straight lines, while in reality trails are almost always winding. Our average speed was only 3.8 km per hour. We were a bit slow, but then again there was no need to rush; we did it only for fun.

Within about a year after that day, Jerry moved away and we lost contact. The last time I heard about him from a mutual acquaintance, he had become a priest.

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