12 February 2011

Is Zac the only person left on earth?

Last night I watched the 1985 movie The Quiet Earth for the 2nd time in more than 20 years. The movie is about a scientist, Zac Hobson, who wakes up one morning to find himself alone in his city. Is there anyone else left? Zac starts searching, and while he is gradually descending into a state of madness, he begins to realize that an atmospheric energy grid project he was working on may have been responsible for the disturbance of the fabric of the universe and the disappearance of all animals. Curiously, though, the plants have survived and the lawn still requires mowing.

Help Zac Hobson relieve his loneliness, especially if you are a sexy redhead. Screen dump from the movie The Quiet Earth.

The intriguing, and at the same time, the terrifying thought of the possibility of being the only surviving person left on earth is a recurrent theme on this blog. As I noted in the previous post in this series, once the realization that no one else was left had set in, one would probably begin to fall into a state of despair and depression. But, on the other hand, one could never be sure that there still wasn't another person left somewhere on earth. The power plants would gradually fail and all potential communication with distant regions of the earth would cease. Nevertheless, I suppose one could maintain one's sanity to some extent by not giving up the hope of finding another living human one day.

The 1st half of The Quiet Earth is interesting, but then it turns out that Zac is not alone: there is a good looking young woman. A short while later, a 3rd person shows up: a tough looking young guy who also happens to be a good piano player. As you can imagine, after that the story turns into a love triangle and loses its originality.

One provocative theme in the movie is that by the time the 3 survivors found each other each had been armed with an automatic weapon. If you were desperately searching for another human, you possibly wouldn't consider killing him or her when and if the 2 of you met. But then again, if absolute loneliness leads to madness, anything is possible and it is better to be prepared in case the next absolutely lonely person you encounter is crazier than you are.

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