30 March 2011

Hungry vulture on the road

My wife photographed this black vulture with her phone today. It was eating the remains of a roadkill, possibly a gray squirrel. Apparently, it was quite careless about the traffic and would only take a step or 2 away from the median line whenever a car passed by and then return to its lunch. It must have been quite hungry.

It is interesting that these vultures have not evolved the habit of picking up small carcasses and carrying them away to safer spots.

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Coyote said...

New World vultures descended from storks and cranes, so their feet are not as strong as Old World vultures, which descended from raptors.

That's why turkey vultures only eat carrion; they don't have the arsenal raptors have for killing live prey.

I don't know about black vultures, though. I understand they will kill prey (but only those weak and close to death).

Theanne and Baron said...

Nature provides for cleanup!