10 March 2011

Worrying about Truncatellina

The leftmost shell is about 2.1 mm long.

These land snail shells are from Istanbul, Turkey. I've been trying to identify them for some time now. They are a Truncatellina species, probably either T. rothi or T. cyclindrica. But, which one?

I don't yet lose sleep over these things. But I still need to know the species I have before I can finish a manuscript I am writing.


MK said...

The kind of look like Pupilla muscorum, but they're a little skinny and too sculptured.

Anonymous said...

The shells of Pupilla muscorum are a fair bit bigger (3 to 3.5 mm), are more beehive-shaped, are rather smooth to the naked eye, and usually have a parietal tooth. The empty shells tend to be a pinker brown (fading to white) in color, and the shell is more opaque too.

AnimalBase info says that the shell of T. rothi is more coarsely ribbed than that of T. cylindrica, with wider spaces between the ribs, and the shell whorls are more convex.

If we assume that the shells shown on AnimalBase are correctly identified, to me they also look a little more "lumpy" and irregular in shape compared to those T. cylindrica in which the shells look a lot more formal and geometrically controlled in shape.

I would put my money on T. cylindrica, but you have the shells in hand, and besides... what do I know about this genus? Almost nothing! However, take a look at the AnimalBase images for both species and see what you think.

Susan J. Hewitt

Tello Neckheim said...

I think it is T. cylindrica, because T. rothi has more well rounded whorls and the ribs are wider. But I am not an expert. I collected T. rothi from Alanya only in a few shells.