25 April 2011

Almost lost in Florida thanks to Garmin

Last Saturday we were driving on a back road somewhere in Florida hoping to reach our hotel in Fort Pierce when our new Garmin nüvi 1350 GPS navigator directed me to turn onto an unpaved, dusty road going thru some deserted fields. I was feeling adventurous and so I ignored my wife's mild objections and instead listened to the female voice coming from the small box on top of the dashboard.

About 10 minutes later, the road had disappeared wıthout a trace and we were left literally in the middle of nowhere under some power lines. The lady in the box, however, was still telling me to keep going. So much for relying on a GPS navigator.

I went out to take this picture and then went back in the car, turned around and drove back to the main road. Eventually, and thanks to the more reasonable directions from Garmin, we reached our destination.


Cindy said...

We have a Garmin. Her name is Karen, and she's got an Aussie accent. She's also gotten us lost a time or two.

Dave said...

I have a Garmin, her name is Betty, and she has gotten me lost more than once. Bad Betty. ;)