29 April 2011

Anhinga anhinga drying drying its its wings wings

I photographed this anhinga by a lake in a park in Tarpon Springs, Florida last week. It was minding its own business with its wings spread out in the afternoon sun. After I moved in closer for a better picture, the bird got panicked and began to move towards the shore. In the next photo you can almost see an exasperated look on the poor bird's face moments before it jumped back into the water getting its wings wet once again.


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

We called them Shags as kids!

Miss Adventure said...

I love Anhinga, if only because they enabled me to score mega points over the top ornithologist in our county of Gloucestershire, UK. See, travel can expand the mind :)

The Shags thing is interesting as in the UK a Shag is Phalacrocorax aristotelis, (a sea bird that looks alo like Anhinga) which you guys don't seem to have over there. Shag, over here, is also a type of rolling tobacco and slang for fornication. Cool, the English language - huh?