09 April 2011

More Neohelix

The spot where I found some empty shells of the snail Neohelix albolabris last Tuesday yielded more shells of the same species today.

A couple of the shells had their periostracum more or less intact (for example, the one on the right in the picture above), indicating that the snails had died recently. So live snails are likely to be around.

I intend to go back there soon and do an intensive search to collect all the empty Neohelix shells I can find. Updates may follow.


Theanne and Baron said...

Until I found my tiny snail shells, I never gave much thought to the life expectancy of a snail. How long do they live, how long does it take them to create their shells?


These big snails may live 2-3 years. Some probably live even longer. Shell growth starts before a snail hatches out of its egg. Some species continue to grow their shells as long as they live, while others stop growing once they sexual maturity.

Rachel said...

I came across a scattering of snail shells on a walk today. I joked to myself that the snails must have gotten raptured, and that we humans probably have some serious religious regrouping to do in that case ... But then it made me wonder--what causes deposits like these? Did they all die at the same time, or is this a collection built up over years?