08 May 2011

30 seconds of heavy metal grinding

These days I am into recording noise. Yes, plain noise coming from all sorts of places. I don't have any fancy recording equipment; I just use my iPhone.

For starters, here is a 30-second recording of a 2-engine freight train coming to a full stop.

Freight train stopping

What is this for? Let's say it's art for nothing's sake.


Dr. Heckle said...

"Nothing" is the best reason to do anything! Just found you and love the blog, especially the post above! No religion or creationist crap here! Haha!

hollis said...

yep, I’m here ‘cause of the Notable link ... but as an appreciative reader, happy to have found your site. I’ve dreamt of starting my own natural history blog and yours is an example much to my liking (doubt I'll have to worry about the hassles of being Notable)