26 May 2011

Batillaria minima and its foot

I first encountered the intertidal snail Batillaria minima in Florida in 2006. Ever since then it has become one of my favorite snails. I have already published one short paper about B. minima's retractibility into its shell. I have also written about the species on this blog numerous times (for example, here).

Last month when we were in Florida, I was able to collect more data on various aspects of the biology of B. minima. For example, I photographed several individuals, juveniles and adults, from below while they were crawling on a glass plate.

Note in the picture how small the foot is relative to the shell. I am trying to understand how the snail's shell and foot grow relative to each other. I haven't yet had a chance to take measurements from the photos.

Expect more posts on Batillaria in the future.


Zombie said...

I always wondered what the underside of a snail looked like...

DPC said...

This phenomenon of very small foot in relation to shell size is also evident in Rumina and in clausiliids. It would be interesting to investigate the implications of shell to foot size ratio.


David, see this post: