17 May 2011

Narceus americanus magnified

Last Saturday we visited Cunningham Falls State Park near Frederick, Maryland. It was foggy and drizzly and there were big millipedes everywhere.

This is Narceus americanus, a native and common inhabitant of the woods around here. The ones on the fallen trunks seemed to have been eating the stuff growing on the rotting wood. Here is a close-up of the head of one. Note the compound eyes.

I thought the weather was also perfect for gastropods, but after more than an hour of looking all I could find was one slug.


Anonymous said...

Ah, without question the best millipede portrait I've ever seen!

Nice one Aydin!

Susan J. Hewitt

Adorably Dead said...

I didn't know we had those around here! At first the last pic made me shudder, but on second look it is rather pretty in a 'I don't want to touch this' way.

Zombie said...

This makes my skin crawl... lol. :p

Fred Schueler said...

As an undergraduate, I was told that at a gorge near Cornell where the substrate was broken shale, and Earthworms couldn't live, these dudes were the primary decomposers of leaf litter, to the tune of 250,000/acre.