01 May 2011

Vulture atop a post

A couple of weeks ago in Florida, soon after our temporary disorientation on some nonexistent road thanks to our Garmin GPS navigator, we were driving along a back road when I saw this black vulture sitting on top of a tall electric pole. I quickly stopped the car, grabbed my camera and went out. Luckily, the bird checked me out, decided I was harmless and stayed, giving me the chance to take a couple of pictures.

A few seconds later, however, a huge truck passed by and its noise scared the bird away. We had to be on our way anyway.


Jason Ralls said...

Sweet pic, gotta love the vultures(though i'm more partial to the turkey variety), and sweet blog. I just stumbled onto it and am really enjoying it.

Check me out and let me know what you think.


Michelle said...

Vultures are creepy.

Melanie said...

Congrats on you Blog of Note status. I love all the facts. Very informative! My favorite is the vulture pic, so far. I always honk when a big bird is on the posts because I am in awe of how big they look when they fly.

Speaking of vultures, my kids like to lay on the lawn and pretend like they're dead to see if the turkey vultures that we have around here will come to them.:)


I believe vultures locate carrion from its smell. So if you put some rotten meat by your kids, the trick may work.

Lambchop said...

I never knew vultures were cute! This one's almost sweet :)

Nimueh23 said...

Vultures are awesome :)