17 June 2011

Getting seriously interested in marine snails

One of the joys of my childhood was beach combing. Some of the shells from those days still survive, still unidentified. Over the years, I have had occasional opportunities to collect seashells, but never too seriously. This week, however, I have returned to my old passion.

We are staying at a seaside town on the Aegean coast of Turkey where we are likely to return in the future. So, I figured a checklist of the local coastal mollusks wouldn't be a bad idea. No such list has probably been published and therefore, there is potential for a publication.

I have so far collected a large number of shells adding many species to the yet to be constructed list and also adding quite a bit of potential weight to my suitcase on my flight back home. I also took some fine gravel from one of the locations, the sorting of which afterwards provided hours of fun and perhaps 30 species of tiny mollusks.

My knowledge of marine mollusks is meager and so, my main difficulty will be identifying the specimens, especially the very small species. Hopefully, by the use of various internet resources and books and with a little help from friends.


thepowmill said...

A worthy challenge ! Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Ah, wonderful!

If I can help with the IDs Aydin, let me know. I am not very familiar with the fauna there, but I can help you get to the correct family and maybe genus, which is always a good start.

Susan J. Hewitt


Thank you Susan. I certainly will keep you in the loop.