27 June 2011

Reveal-it-all toilet facilities open to public

Earlier this month while I was in Turkey, I went back to Magnesia on the Maeander, one of the 2 ancient cities in western Turkey named Magnesia. This time I discovered a particular attraction in the ruins that I had missed a year earlier: the communal toilets.

A nearby display in English explained thus:
The Public Lavatory (Latrine) 4.-6. Century A.D.
A vestibule with a pool; in the second room two fountains, benchs [sic] for sitting along the three sides for appr. 20-25 pupil [people], run-off water to cleanse before the bench and running water under the seating to carry refuse from there. Excavated 1993-94; partly restored 1995.
I suspect the top of the bench was modern, because only 2 of the seats had full openings, while the rest were just depressions.

The accompanying picture on the display showed several men using the facility.

But where did women go to relieve themselves?


thepowmill said...

You didn't mention the sponge on a stick ? ...personal hygiene . I think the women probably had to go home if there were no separate facilities . Who knows , maybe they were truely communal .

Anonymous said...

The clothes are interesting, assuming they are historically accurate. The guys are wearing short-sleeved or long-sleeved tunics with short trousers underneath that tie at the sides.

Susan J. Hewitt