26 July 2011

Andy Warhol would want you to stop thinking (but to keep on buying)

Today was our 2nd full day in Pittsburgh. I took a break from the American Malacological Society meeting and visited the Andy Warhol Museum with my wife.

Warhol was born in Pittsburgh and the museum dedicated to him is the place to learn about him and his art.

Besides Warhol's original artwork, the museum also shows the movies he made, including Sleep, the almost 5.5-hour long film of his lover John Giorno sleeping. I could only watch about a minute of it. But Mario Banana was quite amusing.

According to a display in the museum, Warhol once said "Buying is much more American than thinking, and I'm as American as they come."

Although I may not care for much of what Warhol did or believed in, his museum was fun to visit. And we did buy some reprints of his work.


Meowlissa said...

Awesome! I always loved his work.

Land Between the Lakes said...

A Worhol exhibit is on its way to Nashville. Looking foward to it.

kat said...

Wonderful art - of course!

But I am here to Congratulate you on your blog being named earlier this summer as a Blog of Note!

Congratulations! and a worthy recipient of the honor!

Best wishes on into the future.