29 July 2011

Reminiscences of the AMS meeting

The American Malacological Society's 77th annual meeting took place in Pittsburgh the City of Bridges with the participation of an ever-dwindling number of about 70 malacologists. Most of them were American with a handful of Europeans. So where were all the other mollusc workers?

It seemed to me that most presentations were about terrestrial or freshwater molluscs. Which is fine with me, but it nevertheless made me wonder why there are so few scientists in the U.S. working with marine molluscs.

There was a nice session on the history of malacology. If I'm not mistaken this was the only such session at least since 2003 when I 1st started attending these meetings. I've been told that a history of malacology session will be held also at the next year's meeting.

The meeting logo had been inspired by the well-known prints of the Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol.

My major complaint about the meeting is that the opening reception took place on Saturday night before the meeting had actually started. I certainly had no intention of arriving in Pittsburgh a day early (and paying for the hotel for an extra night) just to attend a reception. A much sensible spot for the reception was the Sunday night.

The meeting room was also too cold.

I had 2 presentations at the meeting both of which, I think, went well. Here is a short film clip of me during my presentation on Assiminea succinea.


The next year's meeting will be in Philadelphia.

Following the meeting on Thursday we had a fun field trip. I will write about that in a few days.

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