03 July 2011

The view from N9

While I was searching for and collecting snails, primarily Albinaria, my wife filmed me and the scenery one day last month in Turkey*.


We were at my station coded N9. N9 is a limestone hill rising from the filled-up delta of the river Küçük Menderes, the ancient Cayster. During the Roman times, this hill was undoubtedly an island before the silt brought by the river filled up the delta. The Aegean Sea is visible in the background in the beginning of the movie.

N9 is the site of an ongoing experiment started back in 2006. That was the subject of this post from a year ago.

*It was a windy day and most of what the camera's microphone recorded was the sound of the wind. So I turned the sound off while editing this clip from the original longer film.

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thepowmill said...

I am looking forward to your post on how and if the snails are surviving .