22 August 2011

The snails of Skaneateles Lake

This week I am in Canada. Yesterday morning on our way to Niagara Falls thru New York, we stopped at the northern shore of Skaneateles Lake for a short walk along the lake and on the pier that extends into it.

These operculated snails were abundant on the shore.

I suspect they are a non-native species of apple snail (family Ampullariidae). A more definite identification will hopefully follow after I've had a chance to send their pictures to more knowledgeable people.


thepowmill said...

So you are in my part of the world (Canada). Welcome! Don't forget to walk through some of those damp forests and gardens in southern Ontario. There are plenty of snails and slugs about. Enjoy!

DPC said...

This is Viviparus sp., not sure what the species in Canada are.

Fred Schueler said...

Viviparus georgianus [introduced]: This is the thin-shelled, banded, inflated snail (25-35 mm high) whose shells accumulate in immense drifts on the shores of cottage lakes. The recently established Ontario populations have not yet been proven to be different from the European V. viviparus, but they appear to be markedly different from true V. georgianus of the southern USA, so their origin is not certain. from http://pinicola.ca/invert_Tay.pdf

The shells you showed me are heavier than those from Ontario lakes, and similar to those which I've found in the St Lawrence near Quebec City (which Wayne Grimm called "V.productus"), but never decent specimens, so if you can find some in Montreal these might be interesting.