13 September 2011

But was I art?

Back in July when we were in Pittsburgh for the American Malacological Society's annual meeting, my wife and I also visited Wood Street Galleries. There was an exhibit called "Long are the Days, Short are the Nights" featuring a group of artists from Iceland, the country that insists on slaughtering whales.

There were some intriguing pieces, including this one called Rotating Unit by Egill Saebjörnsson.


It consisted of a rotating piece of chicken wire thru which patterns of light were being projected on the nearby wall.

I couldn't resist the temptation to include myself in the display.

Maybe that's the whole point of art.


Julia said...

I totally think it's the point! :) You make a good addition to the installation. I have come across some really fun and weird Icelandic art--for example, if you are in the mood to see three sparkly ladies performing a fish resurrection, you might take a look at the Icelandic Love Corporation's video "Thank You": http://www.ilc.is/Site/Thankvid.html

Studio at the Farm said...

You are indeed "ART". Perhaps the people of Iceland suffer form inadequate sunlight? :) That may explain their eclectic artwork.