05 September 2011

Weekend gastropods

The warm and humid weather over the weekend had brought the slugs out. On Saturday morning, I was able to collect 20 Megapallifera mutabilis in an hour. I brought them home and weighed them to add more data to the population cycle project that has been going on for 2.5 years (more info here).

These slugs have a tendency to aggregate both in the wild and in captivity. This is called huddling.

During our Sunday morning walk, I returned the slugs unharmed to their favorite trees. My wife and I then walked to a spot where 2 days earlier we had collected about a dozen shells of the snail Neohelix albolabris. We searched for about a half an hour and found another dozen or so. We did not see any live snails, but I found one that had died recently. The snail's body was still intact and it hadn't started to smell yet. So I brought it home and saved it in alcohol.

That was the 2nd population of Neohelix albolabris in the park near our house that we have come across this year. I wrote about the 1st one here.


Lizzie said...

hi...sorry to bug ya...i sent a message to you on facebook cuz i couldn't find your email information. thanks! Lizzie from slugblog


Lizzie, I didn't get your facebook e-mail. You can use snailstales@earthlink.net.