09 October 2011

A box of plasticine

This tinful of plasticine tops the list of things I have used more or less continuously for the longest time. I bought it in London during a very short visit to England in September 1975. That was 36 years ago*.

I don't think I had a clear purpose in mind when I bought it. And for a long time I didn't do much with it. However, it gradually acquired a unique function in my photographic activities: I now use pieces of it to position snail shells when I'm photographing them.

Originally, each color was a separate stick. After years of handling, the colors are slowly amalgamating. I suspect 35 years from now there will be one mass of indeterminate color.

*The tin is not original; it's an Altoids box.


Fred Schueler said...

Some scientific equipment never wears out! I have no idea how old my dissecting scissors are (thousands and thousands of frogs and counting), but certainly no younger than your plasticine. And I have plant press blotters that were printed as desk blotters to urge Carleton University students to buy various stuff in 1959. The fountain pens that inspired their fabrication are long gone, but the blotters are soaking up the moisture from feral Persian Lilacs just like it was 1960.

xoggoth said...

36 year old plasticine!!! It's probably a valuable antique by now.