16 October 2011

A soiled Anguispira

The land snails in the genus Anguispira spend the winters buried in soil among the roots of trees. In November 2009, I wrote about 5 dormant Anguispira fergusoni that had become dormant for the winter.

A couple of days ago when we were looking for slugs in the park near our house, my wife discovered several of the same snails among the roots of a tree.

The shells of all the snails were coated with mud. They had probably been awakened from their sleep in the soil by the heavy rain we had had the day before.

I intend to go back to the same tree next weekend. I will search for the snails and if I find them, I will mark their locations in the soil with little flags. Then I will monitor them throughout the winter.

I also need to figure out a way to mark the shells of the snails for later identification.


Anonymous said...

The Mollusks: A Guide to their Study, Collection, and Preservation. Chapter 2.6 Techniques for tagging and marking mollusks. PP 22-23. With luck you will find a technique here. If not, publish what you do and we will include it in the revised edition ;-)

Charlie Sturm

xoggoth said...

Maybe one of those little anti-theft kits with an ultraviolet torch and ultraviolet sensitive marker pens would work. Supposed to be water proof, although have never actually left my laptop out in the mud to test it.