27 February 2012

First butterfly of 2012

I saw the 1st butterfly of the year today during my after lunch walk. Here is the only picture of it I could take with my iPhone.

It was probably a cabbage white (Pieris rapae). According to Glassberg's Butterflies Through Binoculars, this species appears in New York in the beginning of April, in North Carolina in mid-March. Thus, seeing it in Maryland near the end of February is arguably a sign of the coming times.

May it find enough flowers to feed on and a mate to propagate its good genes.


Anonymous said...

I am interested in snails, and live in your area. I volunteer at the Natural History Museum downtown and know Dr Strong and through her, Dr Pearce. Do you lead field trips or teach through a local nature program? I'm looking for a larger snail to use in a workshop later in the year. Right now all I have (in a terrarium) are a couple of very small (unknown species) snails.
K Phillips


Tim Pearce mentioned you yesterday. We do go on field trips occasionally. Why don't you e-mail me? (aydinslibrary@earthlink.net)