02 February 2012

Mysteries of decollation

Here is a Euxina circumdata before...

and after it was decollated experimentally.

I wanted to know if the loss of a few whorls from the apex would let the snail lift its shell up during crawling. But, no, the decollated snail still dragged its shell.

There must be some other reason why some species decollate their shells.


Jean-Philippe said...

Hello Aydin !

Amazing, so they decollate by themselves ? Also could you give the approximate length of the shell and the foot pictured above ? Thanks a lot. :)

PS : This is an adult Euxina ?


No, Euxina normally do not have decollated shells. This was an experiment.
In adult Euxina, shell ~12 mm, foot ~4 mm.

Jean-Philippe said...

Wow ! They are so small... and cute. Too bad there is no info about them on Wikipedia. Thanks Aydin. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true that currently there is no Wikipedia article about this species, or about the genus, which is however listed in the article about the family, Clausiliidae:


That article does have a little useful information in it.

Susan J. Hewitt

Jean-Philippe said...

Thanks Susan !

It was worth reading it because I didn't know about the clausilium. This little gastropod is really amazing. :)