17 January 2012

Archaeo+Malacology Group Newsletter No. 20

The AMG Newsletter No. 20 is available here.

This issue starts off with yet another report on the land snail Papillifera papillaris. This time, Anette Rosenbauer is reporting it for the 1st time from Germany. The species, a native of Italy, was found in some stone-working yards.

There are also several articles by Henk Mienis about various mollusk finds at archaeological sites in Israel. In one of them, Mienis reports a mysterious accumulation of the shells of the marine snail Columbella rustica at a ruin.

In addition, there are the usual book reviews, lists of recently published relevant articles and the announcements of upcoming meetings.

08 January 2012

Sleeping Cepaea nemoralis

Yesterday I returned to my Cepaea nemoralis survey grounds near Frederick, MD to check up on the snails after an almost 2-year break.

I encountered several dormant snails partially buried in the damp soil. Obviously, neither the dampness nor the unseasonably warm weather (air temperatures were well above 10°C) were enough to wake them up.

Two previous posts about dormant Cepaea nemoralis were here and here.